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RJ Talz

Name of RJ: RJ Taleha Khan


Email Me:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Location: Raashtriya Raajdhani Dilwalon ki Dilli :D, India


Current Shows: The Thoughts City Express


Zodiac Sign: Cusp-Virgo-Libra


RJ-ing Style: Bubbly Chirpy & Thoughful. I am like a performer and radio is my stage!


Likes: Genuineness-Originality-Creativity


Dislikes: Dishonesty


Style Funda: Mein Apni Favourite hu with AGS(Attention Grabing Syndrome) :)


About Me: A free spirited bird... i have my own language... the language of liveliness... so wen i speak... i speak my heart out... when i write my pen flows out...and dances to the rhythm of the tune of my soul...i dive into the skies of creativity...that is the heart beat of my life...and sip the nectar of passion... thats my food for thought..and thats what urs truly Talz is all about!


Facebook Profile: RJ Talz Page