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RJ Nitish

Name Of Rj: Nitish Raj (RJ Nitish)


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Location : New Delhi


Current show: Tandoori Nights !


Zodiac Sign: Virgo( KANYA,sirf raashi ka naam hain ye :D)


Rj-ing Style: FANTARgiri type...!! full of entertainment , may be you would call it DIL-E-THARAK..!!


Likes: Decent n sweet girls , food, glamour , love to hang out , RJing (Ya Ofcourse ), love to drive , passionate about acting and modelling and too curious for sports


Dislike: Over smart, people with wrong attitude, manhoos type log (wo jo shakale latka k ghumte hai na ,ha wohi),lies , diplomacy !!


Style Funda: Show what you are ,the real part !! If u can't show that ,thn you can't even SHOW !!!


About me: Show me babe ,what you have , in short I just love to be a part of healthy human beings life who makes sure that nobody gets bore in my presence !! I love to do each and every thing which takes my fantasy !! And here is my tagline ... ~ jUsT jOCkEyInG !!!


Facebook Profile link: RJ Nitish Raj's Facebook Profile